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The essence of good education lies in drawing out the best in the child. In order to achieve this ideal the maximum co-operation between parents and the school is essential. Parents would certainly help us to let their children grow to their full capacity. They are therefore requested to extend their co-operation to the school in the following respects.

1. Parents are expected to co-operate with the school by enforcing regularity and punctuality and by taking an interest in their childrenís daily work. They are expected to check their childrenís books and note the remarks of the teachers, if any.

2.The Parents should check the daily work and homework assigned to the children and necessary help may be given as and when required in completing the assignments.

3. Help your child to inculcate the idea of dignity of labour and guide him/her to become a resourceful and useful member of his/her home and society. Encourage the child to be self-reliant in his work and in his studies. He should be taught and encouraged to keep his room neat and tidy, to make his own bed, to polish his own shoes, to take good care of his books and other personal belongings etc. Formation and development of such good and orderly habits in the early life will go a long way to ensure a successful career in their later lives in the society.

4. It would be a healthy practice to be in constant touch with the school regarding the application and behaviour of your ward and to help the school in fulfilling its obligations towards your child. Parents should try to visit the school once in three months at least. Parents are requested to come to the school as and when required by the school.


5. The aim of the parents and the school is one and the same, namely, the progress of the child. A constant liaison between the two is essential to achieve this common purpose. The Studentís Diary provides a link between the school and the parents. The parents are requested to look into the childís diary every day and to see that the lessons and the homework assigned for the next day are done. Remarks written in the diary should be noted and countersigned regularly.